Carlos Kauffman : The go-getter

Carlos Kauffman is a multitalented personality and adequately handles business and racing side by side. What most individuals don’t think about him is that he is additionally a refined Helicopter pilot. Carlos Kauffman has attained the title for Helicopter pilot of the year 2000 and likewise the race auto driver of the year 2010.


One stunning quality about Carlos Kauffman is that he has the ability to devote himself to such a large number of distinctive things around him. Carlos Kauffman is additionally a submitted singular and this has made him accomplish winning positions in auto dashing by investing hours of diligent work. The universe of Motor Sport dashing requires numerous solid characteristics, one of them being exceedingly centered and the capacity to remain quiet throughout times of high push in the rivalry.

Carlos Kauffman was conceived in Venezuela and named Carlos Eduardo Kauffmann Ramirez. Carlos Kauffman was raised as a Catholic and right now dwells in Venezuela with his wife and three children. Carlos Kauffman is an expert race auto driver and has faith in giving his best to all things in life, be it family, races or business. Carlos Kauffman did his educating at BolĂ­var y Garibaldi and moved on from Universidad Central De Venezuela in the field of Odontology.

Auto hustling being an adolescence energy and dream for Carlos Kauffman, he picked up entrance into the profoundly aggressive universe of dashing through deliberations and determination. Carlos Kauffman says that auto dashing is not for the cowardly and the track conditions are quite unpredictable also you can never make sure what can happen whenever. It is a truth feels Carlos Kauffman that in correlation to auto hustling all different dons simply show up as amusements.

Business was something that intrigued Carlos Kauffman along these lines he set up the Valores Balcaf firm in 1990. Soon after that Carlos Kauffman functioned as a dealer in Forex in the year 1988/2002. In the year 1996, Carlos Kauffman established the Universal Express Cada de Cambio, a firm that handles the operation of sending electronic package conveyance in remote nations. The year 1997 carried numerous victories and changes for Carlos Kauffman who went ahead to turn into the shareholder and Director of the firm called Industrias Venoc.